What's a rack reminder?

It's our solution to never remembering where to position J-cups, safeties, and band pegs for different lifts.

We've all been there: you're in the middle of an awesome leg day, you get the bar all loaded up for a dynamite squat session, step under the bar....and realize that you set it up way too high and won't be able to unrack it. Now you're forced to unrack the weight, set the bar on the floor, reposition your J-cups, and load all the weight back on again. You're pissed, your pump is fading, and now you've got to rush your lift.

Is it the end of the world? No. Is it insanely annoying? Yes.

That's why we created these magnets. They look better than painter's tape, they stay put better than stickers, and they're big and bright enough to grab your attention whenever you get ready to lift.

What are the dimensions?

Each rack reminder measures 2.5" x 1". The middle section is .25" to fit between (almost) all crossmember spacings.

Which racks are these compatible with?

Our signature reminders will work with any rack or stand with 3" crossmembers (Rogue Monster, Rogue Monster Lite, Rogue Squat Stand, REP PR).

I have numbered crossmembers. Why would I need these?

1. We're jealous.
2. While you probably won't ever end up with lopsided safeties, you'll still have to remember which of those numbered holes you're supposed to use to set up for squats. And flat bench. And incline bench. And rack pulls. Unless, of course, you have a stylish, super bright magnet in place to do that for you, in which case you can just jam in your safeties and get at it...

Any new products coming?

Absolutely! In addition to our beloved rack reminders, we're hard at work churning out rack accessories, custom flags, cutoffs, barbells, and bumper plates. Sign up for emails to get notified when they drop!

I'm just here for the giveaway.

While technically not a question, that's perfectly fair. Best of luck!