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Here's the deal:

Building a home gym is hard. Throw in a pandemic, and it's nearly impossible.

The home gym community is the only reason I've been able to build mine, so in an effort to pay it forward (and as a huge thank you for all the support we've been shown), I'm giving away everything. 

Barbells. Plates. Pulley systems. Gift cards. Everything that makes a home gym a home gym.

There's one more big reason I'm doing this (I'll get to that in a minute), but here's a snapshot of what we've given away thus far:

Here's why:

I know Rack Reminders help fellow home gym owners - but not nearly as much as barbells, plates, and all the other gym essentials that are all but impossible to find right now.

That's why I'm in the process of producing thousands of pounds of plates and barbells and launching a fitness equipment company.

If it gets a fraction of the support Rack Reminders has, I know it'll help me make a lifelong dream a reality - but that support isn't what I'm asking for here.

What I need right now are product testers. Home gym enthusiasts who will put this stuff through the ringer, tell me what they like, and - more importantly - what they don't. No filters, no concern for feelings, just "This is awesome, this sucks, and here's why."

If that interests you, sign up for our current giveaway and keep an eye on your email. We'll send out a notification whenever a new product arrives for testing and enter everyone who expresses interest in it into a randomized drawing. If your name is called, I'll ship it out to you to use, abuse, and keep - all I ask in return is your honest $.02.

Thanks for helping me make this happen. Lift hard and stay safe.

Chris Haller | CEO

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